Does Bail Reform Increase Crime in New York State: Evidence from Interrupted Time-Series Analyses and Synthetic Control Methods

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Distinguished Teaching Professor David McDowall and I collaborated in the first study to evaluate the effects of New York’s bail reform law on the entire state. This study is also the first attempt to disentangle the effects of bail reform and national historic events such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Past, Present, and Future of Restorative Justice in the Chinese Mainland: A Systematic Review of Chinese Literature

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Professor Zongxian Wu and I reviewed research on restorative justice.

False Positives vs. False Negatives: Public Opinion on the Cost Ratio in Criminal Justice Risk Assessment

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My colleague Byunggu Kang and I conducted a survey experiment to explore people’s opinion on false positive errors and false negative errors in criminal justice risk assessment.

The Effect of Wrongful Conviction Rate on Death Penalty Support and How It Closes the Racial Gap

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Why do people who believe innocent people were executed still support the death penalty? I examined Gallup data in three years and found their perceived low wrongful conviction rate was the key. I also found the perceived wrongful conviction rate could explain the racial gap in death penalty support.

The Effect of Wrongful Conviction Rate on Death Penalty Support: A Research Note

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Does telling people different wrongful conviction rates affect their death penalty opinion? I conducted a survey experiment and found that wrongful conviction rate has to reach a certain level to cast a significant impact on people’s death penalty support.

“I Did It, but...I Didn’t”: When Rejected Affirmative Defenses Produce Wrongful Convictions

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My advisor Dr. James Acker and I explored convictions resulted from the wrongful rejection of affirmative defenses (e.g., self-defense).

Research Interest

  • Death penalty
  • Wrongful conviction
  • Law
  • Criminal justice
  • Law and policy
  • Penology